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The 10 Biggest Kissing Dos and Don’ts

The 10 Biggest Kissing Dos and Don’ts

Your guide to levitating make out sessions

We’ve all kissed and have been kissed a million times in our lives by our parents, relatives and friends. However the most memorable of all kisses is the first kiss. Do you remember your first kiss?

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Like the rest of us, you started off with the basic knowledge that a kiss happens when two lips are pressed against each other. You probably also learned from movies like Cruel Intentions that you would end up moving your tongue around… but no one explicitly tells you what to expect. This means that your first kiss was, while a good starter kiss to get the ball rolling, wasn’t the best you ever had.

Your kissing technique will get better and better with the feedback and responses you get from each kiss. But, more than tips on what you’re doing right, you should also know if you’re doing something wrong. She may not say anything but it could be the element that keeps your kisses lukewarm when they could be burning with passion. So, for you guys out there who are stressed because you have a date coming up and you’re still in the Learning to Kiss Academy, or if you’re looking for tips to kiss better (and get more kisses) I’ve got just what you need. Here are 10 dos and don’ts to give your girl the sweetest kisses.
  1. Don’t rush into the kiss too quickly! Nothing ends a date faster than a trip to the hospital. If she’s overzealous about going in for the kiss, she could wind up breaking your nose.
  2. Do set the speed. If you see that she’s coming in way too quickly, brace yourself by slowing her advance and holding her in your arms. She will slow down quickly this way and then you can gently go forward to encourage the lip lock. 
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  1. Don’t worry about landing directly on her lips! With first kiss jitters, sometimes we can forget that we don’t have to match lip to lip to get a great kiss. Let the stress fall away and be your naturally great self.
  2. Do love her mouth! Taste her lips one lip at a time if you want. Gently sucking on a lip or licking a lip adds extra excitement and will have her seeing fireworks!
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  1. Don’t throw your girl a dead fish. If you stick a lifeless tongue down your lady’s throat, she’s not going to like it. She might not say anything at the time, but trust me, not moving your tongue is a big no-no.
  2. Do gently touch her tongue with yours. You don’t have to do any tongue flips or dimples here, but a little tongue twisting and waving goes a long way.
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  1. Don’t let your lips do all the talking. If you’re standing closely together kissing passionately but not using your hands, you’ll start to feel off balance. Stand offish kisses, no matter how good they start out end up feeling weird if the kiss doesn’t escalate a little.
  2. Do pull her close and do a little investigating. If you’re both out in public, she won’t want to go overboard with PDA, but still keep in mind that you can add a little more excitement to the moment by feeling her hair between your fingers, or feeling that slope in her back that leads to her ass. She’ll enjoy the encouragement.

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  1. Don’t forget to swallow your own saliva. Especially if you’re on top or higher up than your girl, she can become a saliva receptacle. While she won’t be offended, she will be thinking about it and you don’t want her mind wandering around when you’re making your big move.
  2. Do add a little sucking action to your kisses. Everyone has their own signature move, but a little suction gives the impression that you can’t get enough of your feast. Show her that you can’t get enough of her.
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Those are my simple dos and don’ts to winning over your lady. A great kiss can make the difference between one date and 101 dates. Have fun trying these out and your girlfriend will notice the difference!

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