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lundi 18 février 2013



It’s officially time people get over Gangnam style and move on with their lives. Aren't you tired of hearing it play on the radio, in your car, on your iPod (iPhone) and a million times every time you hit up a nightclub? Haven’t you had enough? The best way to get over something is by introducing something new and I am here today to show you there is a life after Gangnam Style. Not every Vietnamese can come up with something so brilliant so we have to turn our hopes to some other person on YouTube expecting they will give us what we all need: dancing and music with a dash of crazy, a spoonful of nutty and a pinch of psycho.

Maybe you haven’t noticed but that time is now. It’s time to put away the Asian ass screaming and get ready for definite ass and ball shaking. After Gangnam Style, let me present to you the Harlem Shake. Harlem Shake is a dance that emerged in… you guessed it, Harlem New York and was rumored to have been created by some drunken dude too boozed up to dance. This became the Harlem Shake which is now rising in popularity. A few million views in a few days, I’d say it’s too good to be true, but it isn’t, it’s true, I have proof. People have already begun to redo it in different and all occasions. From dorm rooms to offices even Harlem Shake PORN Edition,

and they've even got a wide selection or Harlem Shake Remixes (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE), I’ve even seen shit do the Harlem Shake (how freakin funny!) everyone wants a Piece of Harlem, because everyone likes to get a little crazy.

If you want to know how to become a YouTube Superstar and gain millions of views then it’s time you invest your time and do the Harlem Shake. If you don’t someone else will and they will be the ones raking in the views and the oh so sweet Karma and you’ll be home alone thinking of what could have been but wasn’t because your lazy ass was way to comfy on that couch of yours and you didn’t get up and do something.


1. Buy the song on ITUNES 

First step is of course buying the song. You can’t do the Harlem Shake if you’ve got no music to shake to. You would just look ridiculous.

2. Get a camera or Iphone

Can’t really upload a video to YouTube if you don’t shoot it first right?

3. Find a helmet

Because helmets are safe and safety comes first.

4. Find a super tight spandex costume and put it on

Yes, because you just look that good in a tight form fitting costume.

5. Find a friend who will dance in boxers

I know you don’t want to be the one slapping your dick around in boxers so you need to find a friend who will do it for you.

6. Find friends as crazy as you

You will need at least 4 crazy friends. The more you have the more fun it will be. Everyone loves crazies.

7. Find a girl that will shake it

Well simply because sex sells. You could easily have a video talking about a red ant colony or some other boring subject but if there is a sexy girl in it, it will work. So find a cute sexy girl and make sure you’ve got a huge close up plan on her perfect round soft jiggling body parts while she’s shaking it and giving it all she’s got.

8. Find people who can’t dance

Find a bunch of people who can’t dance and tell them to just shake what their mama gave em.

9. Get Drunk as hell

This is probably the easiest part. Drink and then drink some more. Make sure your crazy friends and random can’t dance strangers drink too. It will make for a funnier video. Maybe you’ll get lucky and one of them will puke on another. That’s sure to be viral no?

10. Have a seizure and slap your balls

Having a seizure is no laughing matter. But pretending to have one and slapping your balls together like castanets can be pretty funny if you do it right. Now if you’re not used to slapping your balls together might I suggest you practice first. Practice makes perfect and if you slap them together many times you will achieve the perfect and ultimate ball slapping experience, plus you’ll have an awesome video.

Now that you know how to create your own excellent Harlem Shake video you are ready to be a YouTube superstar. So shake till you can’t shake no more, then sit back relax, watch your excellent ball shaking do the work, and rake in the YouTube views! Good luck and remember Harlem shake in moderation because there is just so much shaking your cute little sac can take!