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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est slutroulette. Afficher tous les articles

lundi 8 juillet 2013

5 Mainstream Ads that can be used to promote porn

5 Mainstream Ads that can be used to promote porn

The guy who invented the sausages is nothing but a prankster, because there is nothing funnier than penis shaped food, you may not know this, but before they use to be shoved the wieners in sheep intestine casings, yes that is right you hear me sheep intestines!!, so suddenly the technology was able to get rid off of the sheep intestines and there is when advertising geniuses decided that the best way to advertise the product was with the following phrase:
Wieners with No Skins!!

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vendredi 11 janvier 2013


jizzroulette gay chatroulette
Most of my friends are gay, and most of them always complain about the lack of gay Chatroulette websites dedicated to sex, and you know what? They are right! Since I am in the webcam industry, they always come to me for advice, pointers and information on gay cam sites and I never really knew what to say to them before because I never really knew anything like it existed.


Now I do. Someone finally got it; someone somewhere finally understood the needs of the gay community. I spent hours trying to help out my gay friends trying to find them a perfect webcam match or the perfect cute guy to sex chat with but almost all my efforts were useless. So many hours wasted just looking for a website that would offer my friends the same opportunity that heterosexuals or bi’s have. It’s not easy to find the perfect guy and of course you can’t just log in to Chatroulette and expect the first guy you stumble upon to be gay and to want hot and dirty sex. It just doesn’t work that way.


What a relief it was to finally be able to give my friends a little something. I first did some exploring and a little research so I wouldn’t be just blabbering anything to them unknowingly. Then I found it. The ultimate and only website created for gays. I found thousands of amazing hot, cute, and well-built guys. (Damn it’s too bad they have no interest in women, I definitely would have had some fun with most of them!) I found a website were tons of guys looking for exactly what my friends were looking for, naughty salacious webcam sex! I had never seen it before (and I have been searching!) so it definitely must be all fresh and new; how happy am I to be the first one to tell my friends about it!


Of course everyone has heard about Slutroulette, the capstone of all the webcam sex chat websites. The new and only adult Chatroulette website where all fantasies become reality. The only place where tens of thousands of gorgeous girls are just waiting for hot naughty sex chats. Lucky for my friends, there is now the ultimate gay version of Slutroulette!! Welcome to Jizzroulette! A place where boys can be boys and gays can be gays. Hot men ready for action and all you have to do is just click the next button for another gorgeous specimen to pop onto your screen like magic. It’s not really magic, it just feels like it because so many cute guys in one place definitely falls into an “I can believe it’s true” category. But it is true. So true and so easy! Nothing has ever been as simple as Jizzroulette. (Except of course Slutroulette) My gay friends were so excited when I told them about it we spent the whole night checking all the hotties! Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything since…they must be really busy jerking off to guys of their taste, because now they can!


At last people looking for a gay Chatroulette finally have an option. Stop looking, it’s here, it’s free and it’s easy. Share the news and let your gay friends know that they are not alone anymore. Jizzroulette was created especially for them.

jizzroulette gay chatroulette hosts

vendredi 28 décembre 2012

Webcam chat for free and do it like a pro! You will never pay for a sex chat again! Secrets finally revealed!

Welcome to the wonderful world of web cam chatting , this is my guide to help you webcam chat for free and make sure you never pay for webcam sex again!


So you're new to this web cam chat business and you do not really know where to start? It's not an easy task, I know because I've been there and been through most of the ups and downs of webcam chatting! Now do not despair, I've got great news for you. You can start here and do it all you want!  I don't personally know what you are looking for and I’ll try and explain as best as I can every step that you should take towards having great cam sessions every time. From SFW (safe for work) to NSFW (not safe for work). Of course you will want to experiment on your own the different websites and depending on what you are looking for.  I hope you will find the answers you are looking for here.


First step is of course buying a webcam. You cannot webcam chat if you do not own a webcam. You can buy a webcam at any local electronics store, Wal-Mart, Zellers and even ebay. There are many different opinions on which are the right webcams but everybody's webcam needs are different and can be satisfied. There are so many different types of webcams that have a multitude of options from face recognition to 3D that it might not be an easy task finding the right one for you. I suggest you consult this review  and check out all the different choices before choosing one. You can also ask a store clerk in any store but if you are well informed before you get to the store then you can make an educated choice of webcam. Make sure it is compatible with your computer and your exploitation system. I personally chose this cam  not only because it’s pretty, but because of its great value for the money. It’s an HD cam and the sound quality is incredible! I love It and do not regret my choice.


Once you've installed your incredible webcam you are ready to start. If you have any problems with installation i suggest you read this troubleshoot guide to help you get on your way. I strongly suggest you observe at first.


Search for different chat websites and ALWAYS read the rules. You wouldn't want to pull out your stick where you aren't supposed to would you? There are places for that but I’ll come to that later. If you’re looking for the SFW web cam chat and just want to meet different people, discuss interests and opinions and want a normal non sexual chat then many options are offered to you. You can Google webcam chat and will find tons of sites offering this service. I will list and describe briefly a few of them here to give you a head start on chat sites which are what I consider very chat friendly.
Webcam chat for free on chatroulette


You can of course start of with chatroulette which is one of the biggest chat sites out there. Chatroulette is an original way to meet new and random people. Here is a picture of a normal chatroulette interface; this is what you should expect chatroulette to look like. Depending on which computer (mac or PC) and which browser you are using then it might vary in style a little bit. This is only an example. If you know the principles of Russian roulette then imagine it being used as a free chat site. You switch user and never know what you will stumble upon. It’s a surprise every time! You can also try out different websites like Omegle or even chat for free . Want to get naughty? Try the adult chatroulette I will explain below!  I will not go into detail of every chat site because I will eventually post on this blog my analysis, review and opinion of every different chat site so you don't have to search. All you'll have to do is choose. I’ll do the searching for you!

Webcam chat for free with Klieo on slutroulette


Now on to the adult websites! I know a lot of you are excited about this one and can't wait for me to spill the beans and just tell you all the easy secrets of free sex chats but you have to deserve it first! I will review every adult chat site and free webcam chatrooms for you so you can make an enlightened choice of the best webcam chat site for you. I spend a lot of time on these websites and I know you will be relieved at not having to sample them all and just come to me for advice on which free cam sites to use!
The first free adult chat website is one of the biggest and most popular on the market. A bit like chatroulette, slutroulette offers you the same type of chatting except this one is and adult chatting website. This means, anything goes. You want to fulfill all your naughty fantasies with strangers? You’re a bit of an exhibitionist and want to show off your wanking skills? Or you’re really proud of your tight ass and want the world to see? Then you definitely have to move on over to slutroulette, the best in adult free webcam chat websites. Here you can let go and webcam chat free all you want. I especially love the fact that I can look at the girls and do not have to log on. You might even pop in on someone in the middle of a never know! Here is a screen shot of my latest stop on slutroulette. This is a girl named Klieo she is on slutroulette at least once a day and also a model on livefreefun another adult related webcam chat free website which I will review later.
There are many adult chatting websites and here are just a few examples: and so many more!  With all this free sex online don't you think that I'm right when I say: you will never have to pay for online webcam sex again?

See you soon for more on how to webcam chat for free and do it like a pro!

lundi 12 novembre 2012

My Secret to staying fit for my live webcam shows without spending hours in the gym!

Today's secret is simple yet very effective. I do not claim to know what works for everyone, but this one little piece of information I will share with you works for me.

As a webcam model on LiveFreeFun  and Slutroulette, I need to keep my body healthy. It is my responsibility to look good for myself and for the people who love to see my free cam shows. I definitely want to look my best in my lingerie so I feel good about myself and others will feel the confidence come out of me! A computer engineer would keep updated on new software and viruses and a cam model will keep her tool of work (body) in great condition right? That's the deal with being good at what you do , always try to better yourself and use the tools you have so you can always move forward.

Do not read this and expect a miracle on weight loss. I'm just sharing my secret to staying fit. We all live different lives and yet we all seek the same thing. What I will demonstrate in this article is my own personal tricks. You need to adapt and use them according to your lifestyle. We all want to be in good shape and love our body. If you are like me you don't have time to spend hours in the gym. You do not have any time to waste sweating on stinky machines that thousands of people have touched and sweated on. Not only does a gym smell, but its not a free activity. Most gyms have a monthly membership that is not at all cheap. You wanna be got to pay! Wrong!

First step is eating right. Does not mean that you must skip dessert and chocolate all together, it just means that you should try and integrate all food groups to your diet. I of course indulge myself in chocolate at least once a week without even feeling guilty about it. You must eat what you like because if you don't then your diet will not be effective and you will just find it hard to do and will eventually give up. You must find recipes that are healthy and that you will love to eat. Now with the internet there are no excuses. You can find over a million healthy meals that do not take you forever to cook. Here are a few of my favorite websites for healthy recipes. The Food Network , All recipes , Good Food,  Eating Well, Moms Who Think, Cooking Light, and my ultimate favorite easy, good food website Campbells which is amazing for tiny budgets like mine! So no more excuses!

Step two is strange but very simple. This one is my favorite and also the one that permits us to not waste any of our precious time. Because yes our time is precious. You'd much rather play with your kids or finish a book or even work a few extra hours than exercise repeatedly in a gym. What you need to do is infiltrate exercise where ever and when ever you can.

At first it might seem weird but by doing this you not only exercise but you do it while doing other things, you are therefor multitasking and are efficient in your schedule.

The best way to explain this is giving you a few examples of what I do to execute this step. First of all, if I sit at my computer or table or waiting for an appointment, I squeeze my butt cheeks. Sounds weird doesn't it, but it works. If you are sitting at your desk reading emails or on facebook, then combine it with butt squeezing. Do it until it hurts, then do it again and again. I do this regularly, at first i'd would almost never think about it, but as time went by it became easier and easier and I have now added this to all my sitting down activities. Another example is when I go to the grocery store, mall, pharmacy(where ever I go) I will park in the furthest parking. Even if there are parking spaces next to the door, I will move to the furthest end of the parking which will only take me a few minutes more but will make me walk more steps in my day. Specialists say we should be taking at least 10 000 steps a day to be in good shape. How many do you take? I invested a mere 15$ on a cute pedometer that I'd put on in the morning and take off at night. It made me realize that I was definitely not stepping the right amount. Not at all. So I changed little habits like the parking further away and it changed my step count incredibly. Don't forget, when you walk, and every-time you walk, try and feel your body move and make sure you are swinging your hips enough so that your abs , ass and legs are getting the right amount of pull. Don't exaggerate because you will only feel foolish and might look like it too! Find your perfect walking rhythm where-ever you go. If your somewhere no one can see you, like at home, then please do exaggerate and swing those hips while working. It will work wonders for the hard to firm places :)

Step three is super simple and will work wonders if you take the time to think about it. You need to merge house hold activities with exercise.

Lunge whenever you can
Here are a few examples of my routine :  While washing the dishes I do squats. If I put them in the dishwasher, I will put them in individually and squat while doing so. When I fold the laundry I have a few choices. I stand and every-time I want to grab a piece of clothes from the basket I squat. Or I will sit on the floor with the basket between my legs and stretch. Every time I fold and article I will stand and put it a little further, then do it over until i'm done the laundry. When I vacuum or wash the floor, I will always stretch out my arms to the max and lift without bending the elbows. I will also integrate lunges with what-ever I am doing a few times a day. Either i'll walk to the bathroom and lunge on the way or if I walk to the fridge to get something i'll get there by lunging.

Use the chair position when possible
Another easy one is when you go to the bathroom, even your own, do not sit on the toilet seat. Hold yourself over it without touching it. This will work your legs. Its ok if you can't hold on in this position until your done, when you feel the need you sit, but at least you gave your legs a run for their money and made them work a little bit! So anytime you are going to sit down, either on the toilet on your office chair, take a few seconds and hold the chair position before actually sitting. I got this trick because of public toilets where I never actually sit down and sometimes, my legs would get really shaky before i finished so it made me realize that i was actually exercising while doing this and i decided to adapt it  every time i sit down. Try it, you wont be disappointed!! 

Use household products as weights
My next little house hold trick is when I've got something heavy in my arms (like grocerie bags) I use them as weights. I either put my arms by my body while walking and gently pull my shoulders up, this will work the shoulders and the trapezius. I repeat this a few times. You can do this while walking because no one can really notice that you are flexing. I also put my arms out in front of me and pull my arms up and down (if no one is looking!) You can do the same thing and put your arms to your side and move the whole arm up without bending the elbow. Any exercise that you would use weights you can do with any house hold object that is heavy enough. Again you are not wasting time with gym time, showers or etc, you are just adding on to your daily activities! 

Here is an easy one : You have stairs at home? At work ? Dentist office? You always take the elevator? Stop! Take the stairs! This simple and efficient activity will help the muscles of your legs work hard and get you the legs you've been dreaming about! Maybe at first it will hurt and will not be easy, but the more you will take them the easier it will be. Trust me! I a stair taker where ever I can! 

If you have a baby or a child, there are lots of exercises you can do that will get you in shape and will also amuse your child. You will be working out and spending quality time with your child! Best of both worlds isn't it! You can check this out  for more info on what i mean by exercises for mom and babies! You can also check out this video which will give you a few ideas!! There are many videos like this on YouTube just do a quick search and you will definitely find what you are looking for! You can even do some mommy baby yoga and work on your flexibility and peace of mind with your baby! So many options available to you if you are a mommy. 

My excercise routine
My fit body for webcam shows
My These are just a few examples of what I do to keep my body fit for my free web cam shows. You can also take up pole dancing which is a great exercise that you can practice at home and will work on your muscles, your flexibility and will do wonders for your body. On the plus plus side, your man will also be super excited to see you twist and turn your delicious now fit body around a pole. You can buy stripper poles in any sex shop or on the web. In my experience the Carmen Electra pole is a great one. So you turn up the music and have fun. Many tutorials are available to you on YouTube for this kind of exercise if your not sure what to do. This one is a win-win you get fit and flexible and once your ready and comfortable with the stripper pole then you can show off your skills to your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend and get them nice and horny just by looking at you! Will do wonders for body and soul! 

I hope I helped you understand that sometimes adding little extras to your daily routine will make huge changes in your life. I need to be fit for my cam shows on LiveFreeFun and Slutroulette but I do it for me first. So stop taking yourself for granted and give your body what it wants and deserves! 

Never forget, Healthy mind in a healthy body!! Wanna feel good about yourself? Don't wait till its too late! Make a change today!!

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jeudi 25 octobre 2012

I have a secret! Do you have a secret?

I have a secret. A secret I never told anyone before in my life. Do you have a secret? Have you ever kept a secret from someone important in your life? Do you have a deep dark secret you never shared with anyone...even a loved one? Have you ever asked yourself why you do not share this secret? Why do you keep it to yourself? Are you ashamed or are you just not at ease with sharing private parts of your life? Do you realize this deep dark secret might be eating you inside? Might even be bad for your mental state of mind or even be ruining your life.

Have you ever had a bad experience with sharing a secret? Did you tell someone who used it against you and decided to never tell another soul again? Its not very easy to carry around a secret everyday and think about what could have been of maybe what should have been. Maybe you took a wrong turn and you regret it, or maybe someone forced you into something you didn't want and ended up keeping to yourself because you were ashamed?

If you feel like me and want it out you know there are solutions right? I've been to a few places on the internet where you can anonymously share your pain , or secret or what ever you feel like sharing. Let me tell you it does help. Of course you have to be ready to be judged by some and don't do it looking for answers but just to get it out there feels so much better. A huge weight lifted of you shoulders just by letting it out in the open. No one will know it is you but you will know it is you.
My big dark secret used to be that I was webcamming. When I started, I didn't want anybody to know. I had all the restrictions on and wondered why no one would cum, oups, come ;) When I finally decided to accept the fact that I was a real webcam girl and that I loved it, I had no choice than to share this secret I was keeping all to myself. I rather my friends found out from me than anybody else. I could imagine the scenario of a friend just dropping in on livefreefun, slutroulette, adultcamfriend or freecamsexposed to have a hot sex chat with a cam girl and finding my profile or even worse finding me on live cam! After sharing this secret with those closest to me, I felt relieved and of course liberated. Now I carry another deep dark secret and I'm not really planning on sharing it just yet. I've still got lots of inner work to do before! Are you ready to express yourself? You want to share your deep dark secret with me? I'm all ears and a pretty good listener. Your secret is safe with me :)

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mercredi 10 octobre 2012

My secret to having best webcam shows ever

I will be sharing my  exclusive secret with you that will change your webcam shows forever! This article was actually inspired from a tumblr fan who wrote to me the following message:
''Your next article should be about how your cam fans can make the shows better by turning you on. What turns YOU on DURING shows? What makes a performance that much hotter for you? Cause, that's what we all really want right?''

Yes, he/she is absolutely right. If you want the hottest webcam show of your life then this is definitely the way to go. You have to understand that while some models really do this for fun and because they are super horny (like me) some also do it for the money. Either way, if you do or say the right thing to a model to get her going and excited the show will be a hundred times better.

I for one am the horny type. When in a relationship I like to have sex more than once a day (maybe i'm a nympho but i like it!) . So when I get on my webcam I'm just waiting for someone to give it to me. I'll always give a great show no matter what, but if you want an awesome, incredible amazing, never-forget show then you'll have to work a little bit for it.

Every girl is different. While some girls might get turned on by dirty talk, then others might get turned off by it. Some might like to see you and your body, while some would rather not do cam to cam and keep the mystery alive. Some girls will like to be complimented some will like to be intimidated and ridiculed. Some like to femdom some hate it. You get the picture? So every girl is different and has her own particular turn-on's and off's. If they are not written in her profile you can simply ask her what they are and play with those. For example if a girl tells you her turn on is dirty talk ( like this girl )  then do not waste your time trying to be nice and sweet. She wants to hear it, give it to her! You will see her get aroused and if you keep going you never know what will happen. If she gets fired up with toys then ask her to take them out. You get my drift? What she wants is what will make the difference. This is why choosing the right model for you is important.

I've written about this in another article you can find on one of my amazing sexy blogs :) Why its important? Its essential because you need to find a girl with the same interests as you and the same turn ons, or else she will be having a blast and you will be limp and UN-excited. The choice of the model is one of the first steps. There are so many to choose from, do not stop at the first one!! Make sure you find the right one for you and it will make the whole experience better! So don't hesitate grab your webcam and have the best webcam shows of your life!!

Now a little about me Kelly Love. Well I'm a sweet kinda girl, webcam model by night and superhero by day!  I don't like trash talk but I do love role playing :) I've been a webcam model on live free fun for a while now and have been loving it! Some of my friends prefer Adultcamfriends but I've never been disappointed in Livefreefun so there I am! I also have a few Kinky attributes you might be all interested in. I'm into Gadgets, Smoking, Anal Penetration, Lingerie, Voyeur, Uniforms and Masks. If these things turn you on then I'm the right girl for you!!
MY TURN ON'S: Being relaxed when around me and showing your real self, no faking it and being okay with me being shy at first
MY TURN OFFS: people who are rude/ lack of manners, and cuss words/swear all the time- it shows ignorance and they're not educated enough to explain themselves any other way. 

Well that's it for now. I hope i answered my tumblr fan's question properly. I will probably write an article about turn on's and turn offs because I've seen so many different and sometimes strange ones that i think its worth checking out! 
If by reading this article you think i might be your type of girl, please don't hesitate to cum and chat with me live on my live free fun profile :) 
Sex you later ! 

Banned from chatroulette, fuck them!

Banned from chatroulette
Chatroulette banned me and i don't care
Ok so I figured out that chatroulette sucks big time and that there are way too many dicks there! I like dick, but I also like a pussy, a nice tight wet hot pussy!!

I opened an account on chatroulette because a friend told me it was cool and that I could sex chat with tons of guys and girls. Can you imagine after a few naughty chatroulette sex sessions I got banned! Yeah banned! Why? Because I was too much of a bad girl or just because I showed a little too much skin? (ok maybe alot ;) What ever their reason its just too fucking bad for them!

So fuck Chatroulette now that I've found the  most amazing adult sex chat website ever! Slutroulette is my new and ultimate sex chat website and I will never go to an other again!! Here's to you my naughty little friends looking for free, hot, nasty, sex! see you there and sex you later!
Wanna know more about this awesome website? Read the article on Fleshbot here

Official Slutroulette Tumblr
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mardi 9 octobre 2012

Kelly Love Webcam Fetish

This weekend I was on the webcam quite a bit and had some pretty cool chats with some really naughty, horny and sexy people.
 I decided to be a good girl and answered to a few fetish / fantasy demands:) I don't usually do this kinda thing because it does sometimes require certain objects or costumes which I don't necessarily have on hand but I decided to go crazy and get a few things :) Here are a few screen shots of me and my costumes.
I never thought I'd have so much fun role playing! I found out that not only I like it but I'm also pretty good at it!! Maybe not as good as all the girls on deviantclip and punishtube but  I know I do a pretty good job! I kinda really digged being a nurse and will probably be using it a few times :) So next time you sex chat with me on LiveFreeFun  make sure you share your fantasies, I'd love to hear about them! See you naughty :)

Welcome to my naughty little secret!

Kelly Love Live Free Fun Screen Shot
Welcome to my naughty little secret. This is my personal blog and my personal naughty little secrets revealed to you! If you are here by accident and haven't yet figured out this is and adult related blog then you are warned.

What you will see here is a combination of my Kelly love webcam shows , my personal pics and life and of course the things I like and that turn me on. If you come back often you might even see me naked ;)

 I'm Kelly Love, I love sex, girls (guys too) and rock and roll ;)  If you have any questions or comments, please  feel free to write me. If you like what you see, follow me and get sexy! You can check out my other sites too,my sexy facebook , my personal tumblr  , my sexy twitter, and of course all my other naughty blogs ;) If you want a real piece of me or you just want to chat or even have a sex chat with me live on webcam then you can visit my livefreefun hot profile or even find me on SlutRoulette  and make sure you know every time i'm online! I'm waiting for you...what are you waiting for?