Affichage des articles dont le libellé est free porn. Afficher tous les articles
Affichage des articles dont le libellé est free porn. Afficher tous les articles

jeudi 2 mai 2013

The Secret Guide to Getting White Girls Naked

Okay, I’m going to level with you. There are tons of beautiful chicks out there wearing sweet designs, but there’s nothing more fashionable than bare skin. I don’t know why some people have a hard time getting white girls naked. If you think about it, there are plenty of girls who are happy to walk around in their bathing suits with tiny pieces of cloth covering their most interesting parts. I mean, why all the secrecy? We can see all the arm, shoulder, back, ass cheek, legs and feet that we want, but the biggest intrigue is kept from our eyes. Not everyone is a nature loving nudist like myself, but they should be.

The best way to get someone naked, is by letting them know that it’s okay to be naked. In fact it’s completely natural! We came into this world with nothing on. I’m sure most of us crawled around as babies in nothing but a diaper, so why this idea so taboo?

Don’t just take my opinion, I am not alone. There are organizations of nudists all over the world for a good reason. People wear clothes because everyone else is hiding behind fabrics. We can break out from the mold and do what we want. Thankfully, there are white webcam girls out there who agree with me. They understand what nudism is all about.

Blakely Quinn is a proud member in our nudist group. Normally, in the nudist colony we keep our clothes on until the evening, not to turn too many judgemental heads but this girl sets her own rules. Blakely Quinn spends all of her time at work in her home naked, because that is how she feels most comfortable.
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Alexa Johnson got in touch with the power of her naked body once her clothes came off. She felt great no longer waiting for short moments between getting in and out of the shower and getting in bed with a partner to take her clothes off. Now she walks around in her birthday suit as often as possible exploring the different angles of her curvaceous figure.
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This next naked princess is Cara Rammer. When Cara first started walking around naturally, she was amazed at how much she was missing out on the different textures in life. The smooth and sticky feeling of a leather seat, cushiony yet prickly feeling of sitting on carpet or even leaning back against her chilly stainless steel fridge. The different sensations and temperature changes that she experiences now everyday reassert her decision to keep her clothes off.

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Last but not least, Nikki xx Benz is our nudie champion. This girl is a true nature lover and loves getting in touch with her roots. Whether burying her hot body under the cool sand or taking a cool bath in the open sea, she enjoys liberating herself and surrendering to the elements. Nikki xx Benz is a true free spirit and will not let the barriers of clothing separate her from the world. She welcomes love with open arms.
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So if you want to get beautiful white girls naked, take your pick. These four webcam girls aren’t judgemental or closed to the idea of opening themselves up to a stranger. Get the most freeing experience of your life and let these nude specialist take you to the motherland of all orgasms.

Until next time, stay naked!

vendredi 7 décembre 2012


Yes, girls watch porn too!

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I finally found real porn for women. No joke it really exists! I thought no one could understand what we women really want in a porno but they did it! They finally got it. Someone finally understood that we women have needs to. Never mind that hard-core amateur porno crap; we want gorgeous sublime women with perfect asses and tits and even more importantly we want hot men with god like bodies, dicks and boners. Yeah just cause we are like that. Now that’s what I call a real porno!


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  • We want it to start from the beginning, no need for a silly fake story with a pizza delivery man and his never eaten pizza, just the simple preliminaries stuff that turns us on in real life. The slow and sexy French kissing, the fine caressing of a soft ass, the slow over cloths fondling, the sensual feel of her mouth on a perfectly mounted dick you get the picture?
  • We want to see them slowly remove each other’s cloths and linger on every sexual part of their bodies.
  • We want exclusive locations with romantic settings and perfectly shaved pussies. No need for huge budgets and extreme flash we like the simple sensual stuff.
  • We want quality over quantity. Beautiful angles and amazing shots combined with sexy melodious music.
  • We want sexy sensual scenes with perfect bodies intertwined as both of them moan in ultimate pleasure.
  • We want to see him lick that delicious little pussy until she so desperately wants his big cock to take her.
  • We want to see his lips surround the nipple and suck it deep into his mouth while she vigorously rubs his cock.
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  • We want to see the man’s whole body move to the rhythm while thrusting his cock down on the girl’s wet and amazingly tight hole until she yells for him to stop.
  • We want to see her suck and pump that perfect enormous cock and love it so much that she just can’t stop.
  • We want to feel the sensuality of the partners as they fuck over and over again.
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  • We want to see the real pleasure in their faces as they make each other wet and horny.
  • We want the slow riding of a huge hard cock.
  • We want to see passionate and amazing sex in every position.
  • We want to see them tremble after having the ultimate orgasm.
  • We want lesbians to undress each other slowly and sensually while caressing each body part tenderly.
  • We want foxy sensual lesbians eating each other’s pussies and licking each other dry. We want to see them linger on each other’s huge and perfectly shaped bosoms with their hands and tongues. We want to see them caress each other and squeal in ultimate pleasure while they finger each other to ecstasy.
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Now I know we want a bunch of things and it might seem impossible but yes these pornos do exist and they changed my life. I am now a horny little vixen and I want to fuck all the time because I just can’t get enough. They make me want to tear of the cloths of every cute guy I meet and take advantage of their rippling bodies. I guess we could say they make me feel real good! I bet they can make anyone feel this way!


  • We don’t want to see deep throat and gagging
  • We don’t want to see old men with young ladies
  • We don’t want to see inappropriate behavior
  • We don’t want to see women demeaned and talk to like sluts
  • We don’t want to see hard-core octopus crap
  • We don’t want to monsters fucking other monsters
  • We don’t want to see ugly uninteresting people fuck with each other just to make a horrible porno.
  • We don’t want to see 12 cocks cum shot on one girls face.
  • We don’t want to see horrible quality videos that we can barely decipher which is a girl and which is a boy.
  • We deserve more

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So as you can see women and men are so very different with their porno needs. Once in a while we do get the urge to watch amateur porno but if we have a choice we will definitely choose these kinds of sexy sensual videos . The reason we choose to watch the other porno’s is because we see how excited our man gets when he watches them and that alone is enough to get us moist. It’s not the porno it’s how horny it makes him. Because we aim to please him but if you want to please her then you’ll take my advice and drop these delicious porno’s on her and you will never know what hit you! You might even get the blow job of a lifetime while watching some amazing porn, who knows!

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mardi 9 octobre 2012

Welcome to my naughty little secret!

Kelly Love Live Free Fun Screen Shot
Welcome to my naughty little secret. This is my personal blog and my personal naughty little secrets revealed to you! If you are here by accident and haven't yet figured out this is and adult related blog then you are warned.

What you will see here is a combination of my Kelly love webcam shows , my personal pics and life and of course the things I like and that turn me on. If you come back often you might even see me naked ;)

 I'm Kelly Love, I love sex, girls (guys too) and rock and roll ;)  If you have any questions or comments, please  feel free to write me. If you like what you see, follow me and get sexy! You can check out my other sites too,my sexy facebook , my personal tumblr  , my sexy twitter, and of course all my other naughty blogs ;) If you want a real piece of me or you just want to chat or even have a sex chat with me live on webcam then you can visit my livefreefun hot profile or even find me on SlutRoulette  and make sure you know every time i'm online! I'm waiting for you...what are you waiting for?