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mardi 12 février 2013



Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and who says Valentine’s Day says extra effort to get laid. Your woman won’t put out for free on this so-called special day if you’ve done nothing special to make her Valentine’s Day memorable. You need to put in that extra effort, that little thought that will make her want to jump you like you’re the last man left on earth. Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day for her means romance and love - for you it means an awesome fuck if you’ve done everything right.

Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laidAsking your woman for a threesome on this special day is totally out of the question. Keep that for another anniversary, like your Birthday or the day you get bad news from the doctor. Unless it’s her fantasy then stay away from the idea and concentrate on making her happy, because we all know a happy woman is a thankful woman and a thankful woman usually means the most amazing blowjob of the year.
Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laidYou don’t need to spend a fortune to please your woman, unless you have a fortune to spend and don’t mind spending it. In that case you don’t need to read this article, just move on over to a jewelry store and get her the most expensive diamonds you can find. That should get you laid instantly. For those who can’t afford to buy love - you’re in the right place.
Think of this as an investment for a good cause. All you need is a little imagination, spontaneity and a little patience to be well on your way to setting up the best Valentine’s Day your woman has ever had, and that means you’ll be humping her brains out all night.


Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid

Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laidYou've decided to put away the wallet and offer your woman an amazing sexed up evening. She will probably appreciate it even more than if you would have gotten her a gift. We ladies love gifts, but we love being taken care of even more. Don’t forget, it’s all about her. Start by running a bath. Add bubbles and sea salt (for a softer skin). Light tons of scented candles and drop her favorite magazine or book close by.
While she’s relaxing in the bath, it gives you the time to romanticize the dining room or whatever room you choose to serve your dinner in. Yes - you are cooking dinner for her - there’s nothing sexier than a man in a kitchen. If your cooking results in burnt jell-o then I suggest you get some sushi prepared or ask a caterer to prepare her favorite meal or even better one of these aphrodisiac recipes. (READ MY ARTICLE: TOP 5 APHRODISIAC RECIPES THAT WILL GET HIM INTO BED) Crank up the heat because you will be having an almost naked dinner. Wait for her in your best underwear and prepare the scene. Once she gets out of the bath, she won’t want to get dressed if it’s warm and you’re nearly nude.
Once you've eaten your delicious aphrodisiac meal (keep the strawberry’s dipped in chocolate for later) it’s time to please your woman. Start by massaging her feet, then ask her to move on over to the bed for comfort (getting closer) and offer her the massage of a lifetime.
Prepare the room with great smelling candles, oils and a towel. Lie her down and start at the top of her body and work your way down. Move all the way down to the feet and linger a little at her pussy. Once you’ve massage the whole body, move back to her erogenous zone and give her the most excellent pussy massage she has ever had. I’m willing to bet that by now you’re probably getting down and dirty in the bedroom so I’ll leave you to it.

VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT #2 – SHE IS A PIECE OF ARTTop 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid

Much less time consuming than the first gift but will cost a lot more. I suggest you take the absolute best couples picture you have, you know the one she shows all her friends and that is highlighted on Facebook? That picture that makes her love you even more every time she looks at it. But most importantly, the picture where she feels the most beautiful.
Take this picture to a local graphic designer, get some nice artwork done or get the picture enhanced and then get it printed onto a canvas at your closest printing shop. Not a cheap tiny one but a nice big canvas minimum of 4 feet by 4 feet. Remember she will of course hang this on her or your wall so make sure it’s done right and that you love it too.


Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid
This one is easy and absolutely free. No need for complicated extravaganzas. It’s the thought that counts right? What you have to do is use your exceptional spy skills and steal her phone. Do not snoop, wouldn't want to ruin the day now would you. Now that she is in the shower and you have her phone, upload “your” song as her ringtone. If it’s not already in her phone which I sincerely doubt, then upload it to her phone and then add it as a ringtone. This one is free and easy and will get your woman going “awwwwwww” when she gets a phone call. If she doesn't, find an excuse to go to the store and call her from there to see if she needs anything. Double surprise!


Once again, it’s easy and free. If you have some Photoshop or paint
skills you can easily, make some cute cards for her. If you’re a klutz with computers then buy some colored cardboard and markers and give it a whirl. Make her coupons that she can redeem at any time. Put things like: Free massage from yours truly, free foot massage, dish-washing free weekend, diner and a movie(her choice of movie), awesome cunnilingus, free home cooked meal, activity of her choice, breakfast in bed, favorite movie marathon, Facebook free weekend, slave for a day, free pass on a blow job, etc. You get the picture? If you’re short for time you can even find some directly on the internet and print them out. If you do this then make sure you personalize them in one way or another with her favorite chocolate or any other trinket she likes and of course put the FREE SEX coupon at the top of the list, it is sure to give her some dirty ideas.


Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid
This will definitely take a little searching but the result will be extraordinary. Find the best pictures of your woman. Also find your best couple pictures. Vacations, trips, kissing and any picture where you look like the two love birds you are.
Once you’ve compiled all these awesome pictures, either you head on over to a Wal-Mart or you can simply do it on the internet. You will build your woman a love book. Wal-Mart offers this kind of service where you can insert a USB disk into their computer and build a photo book and print it there directly. If not there are plenty of web sites who offer this service but you will have to prepare this gift in advance and make sure it is delivered before the big day. If it isn’t then your chances of getting laid that night are rather slim.
Once you’ve printed and wrapped the book, write a little message in it with her name, the date, and your signature. Add a poem or a thought or the words to your favorite song; just make it cute and sentimental. You must know by now that sentimental will get you laid.
I hope these few examples helped you get on your way to creating the perfect Valentine’s Day so you can get what you really want out of it, some hot and naughty sex, because that’s what all guys want right?
You can also find your own cool and fun ideas to make her happy and make sure she then in turn makes you happy. I do not know if you have a specific talent, and that is why I would like to reinforce the use of your imagination rule. For example, you’re a musician? Write and play her a song. You’re an artist? Then paint her portrait. Your good with Photoshop, then make your own personalized Valentine’s Day card with your best couples picture and a nice poem you chose or wrote.
Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid

You’re a photographer? Offer her a seductive sensual photo-shoot with hearts and rose petals. You get the picture? Be imaginative, be fun and most of all put your game face on because you will need to seduce your woman and make her feel like she is the one and only and most important thing in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget, a happy woman makes for a really happy man!

mardi 15 janvier 2013


is porn dangerous


The question that is on everyone’s lips: Is porn dangerous? I guess that for anyone wanting to join the adult industry the first question should always be that. You have to know what you are getting into before even thinking of becoming a porn star or even a webcam star gay or straight. There is so much to know before joining the thousands of others who have made the leap and joined the adult business for good. Once you've started there is no turning back. If you’re cute and any good, your face will be plastered to every porno site there is, blogs and social networks will share your ass until your ass has been around the planet at least twice.



Well first of all, we can't hide it! A major part of the porn industry’s fears is the possible transmission of STD'S. No one can get away from it. There are STD's in this line of work and sometimes it can be dangerous. Even with the multitude of tests, someone can have aids and it will only show up week’s even months later in the results. If by misfortune you are transmitted an STD then your porn career can be over and you can be thrown out on the curb in a heartbeat and they will move on to the next little cutie with a tight ass and pussy.


We all know there is a market for the old and slab but is that really where you want to be. Your young and cute and want to be remembered that way. You do not want your fans who adore you see you get old. You need to keep young and tight which are lots of work. Ok you can’t really work on the tight thing because inevitably someday your ass is gonna want to retire before it’s too late. You want people to remember you at your peak not when you prolapse was showing.


Maybe not your future because you have accepted this lifestyle choice, but your child’s future. He will not have a choice. You have to know that he probably will get pointed at in school and he will probably see you in a porno once he is of age to understand and watch them. You are forcing this life style onto your child. You are not giving him or her a choice. It’s something to think about right?


Not all families are accepting of this choice of career. That fatal day you will get a call from your dad, might not be what you were expecting. It might go along the lines of: “What were you thinking or all my friends you give some guy a blow job it or what is your mother going to think?” Are you ready for that? Are you ready for your friends to see you naked and see you blow the cap of hundreds of guys? Are you afraid they will see you differently? Once it’s out there it’s out there! I've seen families destroyed because of the decision to work in this line of business. It’s not easy to get your family and friends to accept what you do. You need to be honest and they need to be accepting.

As you can see, porn can be dangerous weather it's straight, lesbian or gay. There are many other reasons but these to me are the most important. So if ever you contemplate the idea of being in a porno or actually becoming a full on porn star, make sure you ask yourself this simple yet hard to answer question: “Is porn dangerous? “ If you don’t mind the answer than you are perfect for this line of work and I wish you all the luck in the world!

jeudi 20 décembre 2012

Real Naughty Christmas Porn

 naughty christmas porn

Christmas is around the corner and who says Christmas says Christmas porn. Oh yeah, girls with antlers and guys with elf shoes really turn me on! Haven’t you ever had any Christmas fantasies? Haven’t you ever seen yourself fucking Mrs. Clause from behind? Don’t you want to jingle your bells on her oh so jolly ass? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, I won’t tell Santa and you'll still get your Christmas present under your naughty tree!


funny christmas pornChristmas is just about to drop a shit load of jolly on us, are you ready?
I really love Christmas with a passion. I love the continuous smell of gingerbread cookies, the white lights in every tree and the awesome ambiance that floats around everywhere I go. Everyone is in a good mood and the porn is fantastic. The little red hats on dicks and heads and jingle bells everywhere you go! I usually search for mistletoes everywhere hoping to steal a kiss from the person under it. Imagine stranger’s faces in stores when I grab them and plant a huge wet kiss on their lips. I really wish I could kiss more than their lips sometimes but that might get their wife jealous and since its Christmas I don’t want to kill the mood. It’s too bad because they could probably learn a little from my kissing skills.


Every year I keep hoping someone will invite me to one of their parties. I’m not talking about those boring family gatherings; I’m talking about the naughty, drink till you fuck Christmas party. Kind of like the one you end up having at work where the eggnog filled secretary will blow the boss in his office while his wife is in the storage room getting banged by the cute delivery boy. You know the ones where everyone comes back to work a few days later with their heads between their legs hoping everyone else forgot what happened at the party. But you have it all on your cell phone and you plan on sending it to realgfsexposed for full exposure! I desperately want to be invited this year. I really need a good office bang. Fun times!


funny christmas porn

There is something really exciting about Santa Claus. Oh yeah, I’ll sit on Santa’s knees anytime he wants me to and he can jingle my bells all he wants. Ok, we all know it’s not about the presents or the reindeer. Maybe it’s the fact that he wears that beard so well. Or maybe it’s just imagining what he could do with my juicy tight pussy when he wiggles his cute little red nose. If he can go around the world in one night than he can definitely do a number on me in 24 hours. Fuck the presents, anyways I’ve been a real bad girl and I’m probably on the naughty list. I bet Santa is a naughty boy just like all the others. He’s a man, he has needs too and I bet Mrs. Claus won’t do the half of what I could do. Maybe Santa should see other people, including me.

To all you naughty people on Christmas I want to wish you all happy holidays and don’t forget to tape your hot office amateur Christmas porn because here’s a girl just aching to be a part of it! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good fuck!

vendredi 7 décembre 2012


Yes, girls watch porn too!

real women porn gif
I finally found real porn for women. No joke it really exists! I thought no one could understand what we women really want in a porno but they did it! They finally got it. Someone finally understood that we women have needs to. Never mind that hard-core amateur porno crap; we want gorgeous sublime women with perfect asses and tits and even more importantly we want hot men with god like bodies, dicks and boners. Yeah just cause we are like that. Now that’s what I call a real porno!


Woman porn at its finest
sensual sex scene

  • We want it to start from the beginning, no need for a silly fake story with a pizza delivery man and his never eaten pizza, just the simple preliminaries stuff that turns us on in real life. The slow and sexy French kissing, the fine caressing of a soft ass, the slow over cloths fondling, the sensual feel of her mouth on a perfectly mounted dick you get the picture?
  • We want to see them slowly remove each other’s cloths and linger on every sexual part of their bodies.
  • We want exclusive locations with romantic settings and perfectly shaved pussies. No need for huge budgets and extreme flash we like the simple sensual stuff.
  • We want quality over quantity. Beautiful angles and amazing shots combined with sexy melodious music.
  • We want sexy sensual scenes with perfect bodies intertwined as both of them moan in ultimate pleasure.
  • We want to see him lick that delicious little pussy until she so desperately wants his big cock to take her.
  • We want to see his lips surround the nipple and suck it deep into his mouth while she vigorously rubs his cock.
  • Amazing porn for women
  • We want to see the man’s whole body move to the rhythm while thrusting his cock down on the girl’s wet and amazingly tight hole until she yells for him to stop.
  • We want to see her suck and pump that perfect enormous cock and love it so much that she just can’t stop.
  • We want to feel the sensuality of the partners as they fuck over and over again.
  • girl porn
  • We want to see the real pleasure in their faces as they make each other wet and horny.
  • We want the slow riding of a huge hard cock.
  • We want to see passionate and amazing sex in every position.
  • We want to see them tremble after having the ultimate orgasm.
  • We want lesbians to undress each other slowly and sensually while caressing each body part tenderly.
  • We want foxy sensual lesbians eating each other’s pussies and licking each other dry. We want to see them linger on each other’s huge and perfectly shaped bosoms with their hands and tongues. We want to see them caress each other and squeal in ultimate pleasure while they finger each other to ecstasy.
Sensual cunnilingusPorn for women blow job

Now I know we want a bunch of things and it might seem impossible but yes these pornos do exist and they changed my life. I am now a horny little vixen and I want to fuck all the time because I just can’t get enough. They make me want to tear of the cloths of every cute guy I meet and take advantage of their rippling bodies. I guess we could say they make me feel real good! I bet they can make anyone feel this way!


  • We don’t want to see deep throat and gagging
  • We don’t want to see old men with young ladies
  • We don’t want to see inappropriate behavior
  • We don’t want to see women demeaned and talk to like sluts
  • We don’t want to see hard-core octopus crap
  • We don’t want to monsters fucking other monsters
  • We don’t want to see ugly uninteresting people fuck with each other just to make a horrible porno.
  • We don’t want to see 12 cocks cum shot on one girls face.
  • We don’t want to see horrible quality videos that we can barely decipher which is a girl and which is a boy.
  • We deserve more

Sexy porn for womenfinally porn for womenMEN ARE FROM MARS AND WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS

So as you can see women and men are so very different with their porno needs. Once in a while we do get the urge to watch amateur porno but if we have a choice we will definitely choose these kinds of sexy sensual videos . The reason we choose to watch the other porno’s is because we see how excited our man gets when he watches them and that alone is enough to get us moist. It’s not the porno it’s how horny it makes him. Because we aim to please him but if you want to please her then you’ll take my advice and drop these delicious porno’s on her and you will never know what hit you! You might even get the blow job of a lifetime while watching some amazing porn, who knows!

incredible porn 4 women gif

woman porn

slow motion porn for women

mercredi 28 novembre 2012

17 types of faces people make when having an orgasm

I've worked in the adult industry for many years now on many different websites and have seen a ton of weird faces when people climax.  Here’s a list of the top 17 greatest orgasms I have ever seen. 

1 – The “4:20 orgasm”
the 4:20 orgasm
Sometimes the girls smoke a bowl before going on a shoot.  This is the end result of mixing weed and sex. Classy.

2 – The “Choke-gasm”
17 most incredible orgasm faces ever
he choke-gasm happens when the girl’s orgasm is so strong, she literally chokes on it.  Sometimes the choke-gasm is followed by involuntary vomit.  Fun times.

3 – The “never ending orgasm”
orgasm faces you'll remember
You can usually see women over 35 experience it.  Basically, they start climaxing and by some form of slut magic – they don’t stop cumming.   If you ever come across the never ending orgasm, go grab a sandwich, you’re in for a long wait.

4 – The “high note”
An intense sound orgasm
Happens when the girl squeals a high pitched sound - similar to a bat.
  Men have been known to produce similar sounds after stepping barefoot on lego blocks.

5 – The “Daddy didn’t love me”
Orgasms caused by sadness
Cries when used as a cum dumpster.

6 – The “I’m not on birth control”
!7 best orgasm faces
You’re fucked.  Enjoy changing diapers.

7 – The “Is that you Jeebus?”
Jeebus can give you an orgasm face to remember
Happens when a woman is sent to such an extreme state of pleasure that she crosses over to the other side. You get a high-five from the Lord.

8 – The “snore”
Boring orgasm
Usually happens when your needle dick can’t do the job right.  Unless she’s in love with you, then she’ll fake one of the other 16 o-faces.

9 – The “Ow-face”
when the orgasm hurts like hell
She looks like she’s in pain.  She has possibly dislocated her jaw.  She fucking loves the way you do her right.  Attaboy!

10 – The “dump”
orgasm faces like this are very common

You really can’t tell if she’s enjoying herself or about to dump a big steamy mud pie on your chest.

11 – The “rug burn”
It burns!
Usually characterized by the face-to-rug ratio during intercourse.Warning : do not attempt the rug burn when close to open stoves or fireplaces.

12 – The “loner”
Orgam aquired alone
Wonder why you’re single?  Because this is what you look like.

13 – The “wrong hole”
nough said
Usually happens when you’re in the wrong hole and your partner is too shy or scared to tell you otherwise.  On a positive note : No babies!

14 – The “prison bitch”
Been to prison? Had an orgasm?
If you’ve ever been to prison, this should seem very familiar.  P.S : T-bone misses you, call him.

15 – The “affectionate lover”
orgasm face to remember
This is what a satisfied partner looks like.  Go grab a beer cowboy, your work is done.

16 – The “Ouija”
Oragsm faces like this are really dangerous
Typically happens when your sex session is so loud it awakens the dead, and they take possession of the girl’s body so they too can feel the mighty power of your Ramrod.  Other possibilities: She’s having a seizure.  Call an ambulance.

17 – The “Finish Her”
says it all
Happens when, like in Mortal Kombat, your partner is at a point where all is left for you to do is to dick slap her face off.

There you have it! 17 types of faces people make when having an orgasm! Are you one of these faces? My sources of all these incredible orgasm faces are of course google, deviantclip, punish tube, dapink and many more:)