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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est adult industry. Afficher tous les articles

jeudi 16 mai 2013

The Sexiest Brunette Live Show on the Internet

In the hair colour battle of who bags the most men, brunettes come out on top. I for one am not surprised. When people think of the colour brown, they think of a warmth and sophistication = translation you can get laid with style – not a bad idea, eh. Some of our most trusted tug-worthy stars are brunettes, like Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway and the list goes on. Hot brunettes are on the rise, and they are turning out hotter live sex shows every week! I’ve been had a few brunette live show experiences this week that I have to share with you. These chestnut coloured hair ladies will have you craving another taste.

Some people have this idea (and I don’t know where it comes from) that brunettes are more traditional. Okay, I’ll bite and say that some mahogany coloured hair girls are into sophisticated books…like the Kama Sutra. From my experience I’ve found that brunettes are daring and wild. And if you’re not convinced yet, let me introduce you to a few girls that will revolutionize your sexual perceptions.

First up is Jaime Layme. Her long coffee coloured hair is a nice touch to her hot personality. This girl puts on the best live show because she’s eager to please. Tell her what to do, because this girl is open to direction.

Jaime Layme
Sexy brunette live webcamshow

This tropical cinnamon stick named AshleyannX is a spicy dancer. Get her moving and you’ll wish that she’d never stop. Her rhythmic movements and her ability to multitask comes in handy. Let her long wavy mahogany hair hypnotize you.


Sexiest brunette exotic naked women

This next chocolate haired truffle is Barbie Fantasy. Her unbelievably bouncy sweater stretchers are spectacular. She puts on an eye-popping show, spinning her twins around, jiggling them around and even making them clap. This is one brunette that deserves a standing ovation.

Barbie Fantasy
Black girl with huge boobs

This next talented brunette’s name is Magna Rose. This cocoa haired girl is a great performer, specializing in her mirror tricks. Experience one of her shows and see more than you ever thought possible. She doesn’t hide a single angle. This brunette is completely open.

Magna Rose
hot skinny sexy white girl

This next pretty young thing is called Destiny Ice. This cold chocolate milk treat gets her name from her cool temperament. This girl stays cool so that even when she cums, she can keep going on until you’re both on the floor. This chocolate ice cream will let you lick until the last drop.

Destiny Ice
Sexiest brunette pornstar

This last pecan tart is called Crush on Me. Her flexibility will turn you into fondue. Crush on Me’s flirtatious moves will have you hooked from the start. She builds up the pleasure by starting out slowly rubbing and squeezing everything she can get her hands on. She usually brings the show to a climax with an acrobatic move that’ll show you just why she is so highly recommended.

Crush on Me
Show live with the sexiest brunette on the internet

You don’t have to take my word for it – you can try a brunette and see for yourself. If you pick amongst my generous list of beauties, there’s no doubt that you will experience the sexiest brunette live show. Try something new and the reward will be earth shaking pleasure.

Until next time, keep fucking!

mardi 15 janvier 2013


is porn dangerous


The question that is on everyone’s lips: Is porn dangerous? I guess that for anyone wanting to join the adult industry the first question should always be that. You have to know what you are getting into before even thinking of becoming a porn star or even a webcam star gay or straight. There is so much to know before joining the thousands of others who have made the leap and joined the adult business for good. Once you've started there is no turning back. If you’re cute and any good, your face will be plastered to every porno site there is, blogs and social networks will share your ass until your ass has been around the planet at least twice.



Well first of all, we can't hide it! A major part of the porn industry’s fears is the possible transmission of STD'S. No one can get away from it. There are STD's in this line of work and sometimes it can be dangerous. Even with the multitude of tests, someone can have aids and it will only show up week’s even months later in the results. If by misfortune you are transmitted an STD then your porn career can be over and you can be thrown out on the curb in a heartbeat and they will move on to the next little cutie with a tight ass and pussy.


We all know there is a market for the old and slab but is that really where you want to be. Your young and cute and want to be remembered that way. You do not want your fans who adore you see you get old. You need to keep young and tight which are lots of work. Ok you can’t really work on the tight thing because inevitably someday your ass is gonna want to retire before it’s too late. You want people to remember you at your peak not when you prolapse was showing.


Maybe not your future because you have accepted this lifestyle choice, but your child’s future. He will not have a choice. You have to know that he probably will get pointed at in school and he will probably see you in a porno once he is of age to understand and watch them. You are forcing this life style onto your child. You are not giving him or her a choice. It’s something to think about right?


Not all families are accepting of this choice of career. That fatal day you will get a call from your dad, might not be what you were expecting. It might go along the lines of: “What were you thinking or all my friends you give some guy a blow job it or what is your mother going to think?” Are you ready for that? Are you ready for your friends to see you naked and see you blow the cap of hundreds of guys? Are you afraid they will see you differently? Once it’s out there it’s out there! I've seen families destroyed because of the decision to work in this line of business. It’s not easy to get your family and friends to accept what you do. You need to be honest and they need to be accepting.

As you can see, porn can be dangerous weather it's straight, lesbian or gay. There are many other reasons but these to me are the most important. So if ever you contemplate the idea of being in a porno or actually becoming a full on porn star, make sure you ask yourself this simple yet hard to answer question: “Is porn dangerous? “ If you don’t mind the answer than you are perfect for this line of work and I wish you all the luck in the world!

jeudi 6 décembre 2012

Sexy Dubstep Ex-Girlfriend Video Compilation

Sexy Dubstep Ex-Girlfriend Video Compilation

Funny enough I’ve been in the adult industry for some time now and really thought I had seen almost everything but I was wrong. I came across this sexy ex-girlfriend video compilation on this blog.

It’s mixed to a sweet dubstep beat and really cranks up the heat. Boom! did it ever get moist in my pants!

Made from 100 % user submitted ex-girlfriend videos and compiled by a local DJ, RealGfsExposed went all out on this one!

I always love watching these ex-gf revenge videos. They are so hot. It makes you wonder : can you find your ex is in this Sexy Ex-Girlfriend Video? There’s just one way to find out!


mercredi 28 novembre 2012

17 types of faces people make when having an orgasm

I've worked in the adult industry for many years now on many different websites and have seen a ton of weird faces when people climax.  Here’s a list of the top 17 greatest orgasms I have ever seen. 

1 – The “4:20 orgasm”
the 4:20 orgasm
Sometimes the girls smoke a bowl before going on a shoot.  This is the end result of mixing weed and sex. Classy.

2 – The “Choke-gasm”
17 most incredible orgasm faces ever
he choke-gasm happens when the girl’s orgasm is so strong, she literally chokes on it.  Sometimes the choke-gasm is followed by involuntary vomit.  Fun times.

3 – The “never ending orgasm”
orgasm faces you'll remember
You can usually see women over 35 experience it.  Basically, they start climaxing and by some form of slut magic – they don’t stop cumming.   If you ever come across the never ending orgasm, go grab a sandwich, you’re in for a long wait.

4 – The “high note”
An intense sound orgasm
Happens when the girl squeals a high pitched sound - similar to a bat.
  Men have been known to produce similar sounds after stepping barefoot on lego blocks.

5 – The “Daddy didn’t love me”
Orgasms caused by sadness
Cries when used as a cum dumpster.

6 – The “I’m not on birth control”
!7 best orgasm faces
You’re fucked.  Enjoy changing diapers.

7 – The “Is that you Jeebus?”
Jeebus can give you an orgasm face to remember
Happens when a woman is sent to such an extreme state of pleasure that she crosses over to the other side. You get a high-five from the Lord.

8 – The “snore”
Boring orgasm
Usually happens when your needle dick can’t do the job right.  Unless she’s in love with you, then she’ll fake one of the other 16 o-faces.

9 – The “Ow-face”
when the orgasm hurts like hell
She looks like she’s in pain.  She has possibly dislocated her jaw.  She fucking loves the way you do her right.  Attaboy!

10 – The “dump”
orgasm faces like this are very common

You really can’t tell if she’s enjoying herself or about to dump a big steamy mud pie on your chest.

11 – The “rug burn”
It burns!
Usually characterized by the face-to-rug ratio during intercourse.Warning : do not attempt the rug burn when close to open stoves or fireplaces.

12 – The “loner”
Orgam aquired alone
Wonder why you’re single?  Because this is what you look like.

13 – The “wrong hole”
nough said
Usually happens when you’re in the wrong hole and your partner is too shy or scared to tell you otherwise.  On a positive note : No babies!

14 – The “prison bitch”
Been to prison? Had an orgasm?
If you’ve ever been to prison, this should seem very familiar.  P.S : T-bone misses you, call him.

15 – The “affectionate lover”
orgasm face to remember
This is what a satisfied partner looks like.  Go grab a beer cowboy, your work is done.

16 – The “Ouija”
Oragsm faces like this are really dangerous
Typically happens when your sex session is so loud it awakens the dead, and they take possession of the girl’s body so they too can feel the mighty power of your Ramrod.  Other possibilities: She’s having a seizure.  Call an ambulance.

17 – The “Finish Her”
says it all
Happens when, like in Mortal Kombat, your partner is at a point where all is left for you to do is to dick slap her face off.

There you have it! 17 types of faces people make when having an orgasm! Are you one of these faces? My sources of all these incredible orgasm faces are of course google, deviantclip, punish tube, dapink and many more:)