lundi 8 juillet 2013

5 Mainstream Ads that can be used to promote porn

5 Mainstream Ads that can be used to promote porn

The guy who invented the sausages is nothing but a prankster, because there is nothing funnier than penis shaped food, you may not know this, but before they use to be shoved the wieners in sheep intestine casings, yes that is right you hear me sheep intestines!!, so suddenly the technology was able to get rid off of the sheep intestines and there is when advertising geniuses decided that the best way to advertise the product was with the following phrase:
Wieners with No Skins!!

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jeudi 16 mai 2013

The Sexiest Brunette Live Show on the Internet

In the hair colour battle of who bags the most men, brunettes come out on top. I for one am not surprised. When people think of the colour brown, they think of a warmth and sophistication = translation you can get laid with style – not a bad idea, eh. Some of our most trusted tug-worthy stars are brunettes, like Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway and the list goes on. Hot brunettes are on the rise, and they are turning out hotter live sex shows every week! I’ve been had a few brunette live show experiences this week that I have to share with you. These chestnut coloured hair ladies will have you craving another taste.

Some people have this idea (and I don’t know where it comes from) that brunettes are more traditional. Okay, I’ll bite and say that some mahogany coloured hair girls are into sophisticated books…like the Kama Sutra. From my experience I’ve found that brunettes are daring and wild. And if you’re not convinced yet, let me introduce you to a few girls that will revolutionize your sexual perceptions.

First up is Jaime Layme. Her long coffee coloured hair is a nice touch to her hot personality. This girl puts on the best live show because she’s eager to please. Tell her what to do, because this girl is open to direction.

Jaime Layme
Sexy brunette live webcamshow

This tropical cinnamon stick named AshleyannX is a spicy dancer. Get her moving and you’ll wish that she’d never stop. Her rhythmic movements and her ability to multitask comes in handy. Let her long wavy mahogany hair hypnotize you.


Sexiest brunette exotic naked women

This next chocolate haired truffle is Barbie Fantasy. Her unbelievably bouncy sweater stretchers are spectacular. She puts on an eye-popping show, spinning her twins around, jiggling them around and even making them clap. This is one brunette that deserves a standing ovation.

Barbie Fantasy
Black girl with huge boobs

This next talented brunette’s name is Magna Rose. This cocoa haired girl is a great performer, specializing in her mirror tricks. Experience one of her shows and see more than you ever thought possible. She doesn’t hide a single angle. This brunette is completely open.

Magna Rose
hot skinny sexy white girl

This next pretty young thing is called Destiny Ice. This cold chocolate milk treat gets her name from her cool temperament. This girl stays cool so that even when she cums, she can keep going on until you’re both on the floor. This chocolate ice cream will let you lick until the last drop.

Destiny Ice
Sexiest brunette pornstar

This last pecan tart is called Crush on Me. Her flexibility will turn you into fondue. Crush on Me’s flirtatious moves will have you hooked from the start. She builds up the pleasure by starting out slowly rubbing and squeezing everything she can get her hands on. She usually brings the show to a climax with an acrobatic move that’ll show you just why she is so highly recommended.

Crush on Me
Show live with the sexiest brunette on the internet

You don’t have to take my word for it – you can try a brunette and see for yourself. If you pick amongst my generous list of beauties, there’s no doubt that you will experience the sexiest brunette live show. Try something new and the reward will be earth shaking pleasure.

Until next time, keep fucking!

mardi 7 mai 2013

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham so-called sex tape gets released

MTV's “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is going to have some serious explaining to do. After the hit series “Teen Mom” and the release of her successful autobiography “My Teenage Dream Ended” by MTV Press, she has now moved on and is engaging in the wonderful world of porn, well not porn for say but more along the lines of official fake Farrah Abraham sex tape.

farrah abraham and james deen sex tape, funny joke

Granted she did have a horrific childhood and several teenage traumas but the fact is this girl is 15 minutes of fame seeker. She had it with “Teen Moms” then with her successful autobiography “My Teenage Dream Ended”, and then when people started losing interest in her she thought...maybe I should create a professional porn video and pretend its a leaked sex tape. Does she even realize most of her fans are teenagers? What a great example to give her daughter Sophia...when the going get's tough, make a porno...

farrah abraham and james deen couple blow job

One could possibly believe all the hype over the officially leaked sex tape of Miss Farrah Abraham but after a few visits to porn sites you realize her face is pasted all over so many banners that it just becomes ridiculous to believe...and she thought she could play us like that. Nope, no playing with me, I'm a porn addict and I know everything there is to know about amateur porn. Plus I'd recognize that penis anywhere, that's professional porno actor James Dean's penis and there is no other one like it.

farrah abraham and james deen I did it

After realizing that her supposedly leaked celebrity sex tape not going to go down as such, Farrah Abraham thought fast and tried to sell the rights to it for 2 million. Well she didn't get 2 million but 1.5 million for that naughty anal show now called “Backdoor Teen Mom”.

farrah abraham and james deen porno screen shots

I hate to admit it but I’ve seen it more than once and it kills me to say this but she looks absolutely stunning in her “Sex Tape”. She has a beautiful tight body, long luscious hair and a tight little twat and I'm wiling to bet millions of men are gonna imagine themselves getting a piece of that teenage mom pussy. Farrah Abrahams sex tape is now the talk of the porn industry as it hits big on several websites around the world and I'm sure that this one little video will give Miss Abraham what she desperately seeks, attention and love, but for how long... Maybe I should start thinking of calling up vivid videos and producing my own awesome fake sex tapes and get my own 15 minutes of fame and if the fame doesn't come well at least I will have sucked James Deans big and juicy cock, that's all a girl really wants right?

farrah abraham and james deen porno screen shots

jeudi 2 mai 2013

The Secret Guide to Getting White Girls Naked

Okay, I’m going to level with you. There are tons of beautiful chicks out there wearing sweet designs, but there’s nothing more fashionable than bare skin. I don’t know why some people have a hard time getting white girls naked. If you think about it, there are plenty of girls who are happy to walk around in their bathing suits with tiny pieces of cloth covering their most interesting parts. I mean, why all the secrecy? We can see all the arm, shoulder, back, ass cheek, legs and feet that we want, but the biggest intrigue is kept from our eyes. Not everyone is a nature loving nudist like myself, but they should be.

The best way to get someone naked, is by letting them know that it’s okay to be naked. In fact it’s completely natural! We came into this world with nothing on. I’m sure most of us crawled around as babies in nothing but a diaper, so why this idea so taboo?

Don’t just take my opinion, I am not alone. There are organizations of nudists all over the world for a good reason. People wear clothes because everyone else is hiding behind fabrics. We can break out from the mold and do what we want. Thankfully, there are white webcam girls out there who agree with me. They understand what nudism is all about.

Blakely Quinn is a proud member in our nudist group. Normally, in the nudist colony we keep our clothes on until the evening, not to turn too many judgemental heads but this girl sets her own rules. Blakely Quinn spends all of her time at work in her home naked, because that is how she feels most comfortable.
white girl expose on the web (naked)

Alexa Johnson got in touch with the power of her naked body once her clothes came off. She felt great no longer waiting for short moments between getting in and out of the shower and getting in bed with a partner to take her clothes off. Now she walks around in her birthday suit as often as possible exploring the different angles of her curvaceous figure.
naked blonde model sexy

This next naked princess is Cara Rammer. When Cara first started walking around naturally, she was amazed at how much she was missing out on the different textures in life. The smooth and sticky feeling of a leather seat, cushiony yet prickly feeling of sitting on carpet or even leaning back against her chilly stainless steel fridge. The different sensations and temperature changes that she experiences now everyday reassert her decision to keep her clothes off.

awesome brunette sexy look and smile

Last but not least, Nikki xx Benz is our nudie champion. This girl is a true nature lover and loves getting in touch with her roots. Whether burying her hot body under the cool sand or taking a cool bath in the open sea, she enjoys liberating herself and surrendering to the elements. Nikki xx Benz is a true free spirit and will not let the barriers of clothing separate her from the world. She welcomes love with open arms.
naked blonde on the beach

So if you want to get beautiful white girls naked, take your pick. These four webcam girls aren’t judgemental or closed to the idea of opening themselves up to a stranger. Get the most freeing experience of your life and let these nude specialist take you to the motherland of all orgasms.

Until next time, stay naked!

jeudi 18 avril 2013

The 10 Biggest Kissing Dos and Don’ts

The 10 Biggest Kissing Dos and Don’ts

Your guide to levitating make out sessions

We’ve all kissed and have been kissed a million times in our lives by our parents, relatives and friends. However the most memorable of all kisses is the first kiss. Do you remember your first kiss?

kiss lip
Like the rest of us, you started off with the basic knowledge that a kiss happens when two lips are pressed against each other. You probably also learned from movies like Cruel Intentions that you would end up moving your tongue around… but no one explicitly tells you what to expect. This means that your first kiss was, while a good starter kiss to get the ball rolling, wasn’t the best you ever had.

Your kissing technique will get better and better with the feedback and responses you get from each kiss. But, more than tips on what you’re doing right, you should also know if you’re doing something wrong. She may not say anything but it could be the element that keeps your kisses lukewarm when they could be burning with passion. So, for you guys out there who are stressed because you have a date coming up and you’re still in the Learning to Kiss Academy, or if you’re looking for tips to kiss better (and get more kisses) I’ve got just what you need. Here are 10 dos and don’ts to give your girl the sweetest kisses.
  1. Don’t rush into the kiss too quickly! Nothing ends a date faster than a trip to the hospital. If she’s overzealous about going in for the kiss, she could wind up breaking your nose.
  2. Do set the speed. If you see that she’s coming in way too quickly, brace yourself by slowing her advance and holding her in your arms. She will slow down quickly this way and then you can gently go forward to encourage the lip lock. 
    baby giel kiss baby boy
  1. Don’t worry about landing directly on her lips! With first kiss jitters, sometimes we can forget that we don’t have to match lip to lip to get a great kiss. Let the stress fall away and be your naturally great self.
  2. Do love her mouth! Taste her lips one lip at a time if you want. Gently sucking on a lip or licking a lip adds extra excitement and will have her seeing fireworks!
Two kids in love

  1. Don’t throw your girl a dead fish. If you stick a lifeless tongue down your lady’s throat, she’s not going to like it. She might not say anything at the time, but trust me, not moving your tongue is a big no-no.
  2. Do gently touch her tongue with yours. You don’t have to do any tongue flips or dimples here, but a little tongue twisting and waving goes a long way.
romantic kissing episode

  1. Don’t let your lips do all the talking. If you’re standing closely together kissing passionately but not using your hands, you’ll start to feel off balance. Stand offish kisses, no matter how good they start out end up feeling weird if the kiss doesn’t escalate a little.
  2. Do pull her close and do a little investigating. If you’re both out in public, she won’t want to go overboard with PDA, but still keep in mind that you can add a little more excitement to the moment by feeling her hair between your fingers, or feeling that slope in her back that leads to her ass. She’ll enjoy the encouragement.

romantic kiss

  1. Don’t forget to swallow your own saliva. Especially if you’re on top or higher up than your girl, she can become a saliva receptacle. While she won’t be offended, she will be thinking about it and you don’t want her mind wandering around when you’re making your big move.
  2. Do add a little sucking action to your kisses. Everyone has their own signature move, but a little suction gives the impression that you can’t get enough of your feast. Show her that you can’t get enough of her.
    love kiss
Those are my simple dos and don’ts to winning over your lady. A great kiss can make the difference between one date and 101 dates. Have fun trying these out and your girlfriend will notice the difference!

lundi 18 février 2013



It’s officially time people get over Gangnam style and move on with their lives. Aren't you tired of hearing it play on the radio, in your car, on your iPod (iPhone) and a million times every time you hit up a nightclub? Haven’t you had enough? The best way to get over something is by introducing something new and I am here today to show you there is a life after Gangnam Style. Not every Vietnamese can come up with something so brilliant so we have to turn our hopes to some other person on YouTube expecting they will give us what we all need: dancing and music with a dash of crazy, a spoonful of nutty and a pinch of psycho.

Maybe you haven’t noticed but that time is now. It’s time to put away the Asian ass screaming and get ready for definite ass and ball shaking. After Gangnam Style, let me present to you the Harlem Shake. Harlem Shake is a dance that emerged in… you guessed it, Harlem New York and was rumored to have been created by some drunken dude too boozed up to dance. This became the Harlem Shake which is now rising in popularity. A few million views in a few days, I’d say it’s too good to be true, but it isn’t, it’s true, I have proof. People have already begun to redo it in different and all occasions. From dorm rooms to offices even Harlem Shake PORN Edition,

and they've even got a wide selection or Harlem Shake Remixes (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE), I’ve even seen shit do the Harlem Shake (how freakin funny!) everyone wants a Piece of Harlem, because everyone likes to get a little crazy.

If you want to know how to become a YouTube Superstar and gain millions of views then it’s time you invest your time and do the Harlem Shake. If you don’t someone else will and they will be the ones raking in the views and the oh so sweet Karma and you’ll be home alone thinking of what could have been but wasn’t because your lazy ass was way to comfy on that couch of yours and you didn’t get up and do something.


1. Buy the song on ITUNES 

First step is of course buying the song. You can’t do the Harlem Shake if you’ve got no music to shake to. You would just look ridiculous.

2. Get a camera or Iphone

Can’t really upload a video to YouTube if you don’t shoot it first right?

3. Find a helmet

Because helmets are safe and safety comes first.

4. Find a super tight spandex costume and put it on

Yes, because you just look that good in a tight form fitting costume.

5. Find a friend who will dance in boxers

I know you don’t want to be the one slapping your dick around in boxers so you need to find a friend who will do it for you.

6. Find friends as crazy as you

You will need at least 4 crazy friends. The more you have the more fun it will be. Everyone loves crazies.

7. Find a girl that will shake it

Well simply because sex sells. You could easily have a video talking about a red ant colony or some other boring subject but if there is a sexy girl in it, it will work. So find a cute sexy girl and make sure you’ve got a huge close up plan on her perfect round soft jiggling body parts while she’s shaking it and giving it all she’s got.

8. Find people who can’t dance

Find a bunch of people who can’t dance and tell them to just shake what their mama gave em.

9. Get Drunk as hell

This is probably the easiest part. Drink and then drink some more. Make sure your crazy friends and random can’t dance strangers drink too. It will make for a funnier video. Maybe you’ll get lucky and one of them will puke on another. That’s sure to be viral no?

10. Have a seizure and slap your balls

Having a seizure is no laughing matter. But pretending to have one and slapping your balls together like castanets can be pretty funny if you do it right. Now if you’re not used to slapping your balls together might I suggest you practice first. Practice makes perfect and if you slap them together many times you will achieve the perfect and ultimate ball slapping experience, plus you’ll have an awesome video.

Now that you know how to create your own excellent Harlem Shake video you are ready to be a YouTube superstar. So shake till you can’t shake no more, then sit back relax, watch your excellent ball shaking do the work, and rake in the YouTube views! Good luck and remember Harlem shake in moderation because there is just so much shaking your cute little sac can take!

mardi 12 février 2013



Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and who says Valentine’s Day says extra effort to get laid. Your woman won’t put out for free on this so-called special day if you’ve done nothing special to make her Valentine’s Day memorable. You need to put in that extra effort, that little thought that will make her want to jump you like you’re the last man left on earth. Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day for her means romance and love - for you it means an awesome fuck if you’ve done everything right.

Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laidAsking your woman for a threesome on this special day is totally out of the question. Keep that for another anniversary, like your Birthday or the day you get bad news from the doctor. Unless it’s her fantasy then stay away from the idea and concentrate on making her happy, because we all know a happy woman is a thankful woman and a thankful woman usually means the most amazing blowjob of the year.
Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laidYou don’t need to spend a fortune to please your woman, unless you have a fortune to spend and don’t mind spending it. In that case you don’t need to read this article, just move on over to a jewelry store and get her the most expensive diamonds you can find. That should get you laid instantly. For those who can’t afford to buy love - you’re in the right place.
Think of this as an investment for a good cause. All you need is a little imagination, spontaneity and a little patience to be well on your way to setting up the best Valentine’s Day your woman has ever had, and that means you’ll be humping her brains out all night.


Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid

Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laidYou've decided to put away the wallet and offer your woman an amazing sexed up evening. She will probably appreciate it even more than if you would have gotten her a gift. We ladies love gifts, but we love being taken care of even more. Don’t forget, it’s all about her. Start by running a bath. Add bubbles and sea salt (for a softer skin). Light tons of scented candles and drop her favorite magazine or book close by.
While she’s relaxing in the bath, it gives you the time to romanticize the dining room or whatever room you choose to serve your dinner in. Yes - you are cooking dinner for her - there’s nothing sexier than a man in a kitchen. If your cooking results in burnt jell-o then I suggest you get some sushi prepared or ask a caterer to prepare her favorite meal or even better one of these aphrodisiac recipes. (READ MY ARTICLE: TOP 5 APHRODISIAC RECIPES THAT WILL GET HIM INTO BED) Crank up the heat because you will be having an almost naked dinner. Wait for her in your best underwear and prepare the scene. Once she gets out of the bath, she won’t want to get dressed if it’s warm and you’re nearly nude.
Once you've eaten your delicious aphrodisiac meal (keep the strawberry’s dipped in chocolate for later) it’s time to please your woman. Start by massaging her feet, then ask her to move on over to the bed for comfort (getting closer) and offer her the massage of a lifetime.
Prepare the room with great smelling candles, oils and a towel. Lie her down and start at the top of her body and work your way down. Move all the way down to the feet and linger a little at her pussy. Once you’ve massage the whole body, move back to her erogenous zone and give her the most excellent pussy massage she has ever had. I’m willing to bet that by now you’re probably getting down and dirty in the bedroom so I’ll leave you to it.

VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT #2 – SHE IS A PIECE OF ARTTop 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid

Much less time consuming than the first gift but will cost a lot more. I suggest you take the absolute best couples picture you have, you know the one she shows all her friends and that is highlighted on Facebook? That picture that makes her love you even more every time she looks at it. But most importantly, the picture where she feels the most beautiful.
Take this picture to a local graphic designer, get some nice artwork done or get the picture enhanced and then get it printed onto a canvas at your closest printing shop. Not a cheap tiny one but a nice big canvas minimum of 4 feet by 4 feet. Remember she will of course hang this on her or your wall so make sure it’s done right and that you love it too.


Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid
This one is easy and absolutely free. No need for complicated extravaganzas. It’s the thought that counts right? What you have to do is use your exceptional spy skills and steal her phone. Do not snoop, wouldn't want to ruin the day now would you. Now that she is in the shower and you have her phone, upload “your” song as her ringtone. If it’s not already in her phone which I sincerely doubt, then upload it to her phone and then add it as a ringtone. This one is free and easy and will get your woman going “awwwwwww” when she gets a phone call. If she doesn't, find an excuse to go to the store and call her from there to see if she needs anything. Double surprise!


Once again, it’s easy and free. If you have some Photoshop or paint
skills you can easily, make some cute cards for her. If you’re a klutz with computers then buy some colored cardboard and markers and give it a whirl. Make her coupons that she can redeem at any time. Put things like: Free massage from yours truly, free foot massage, dish-washing free weekend, diner and a movie(her choice of movie), awesome cunnilingus, free home cooked meal, activity of her choice, breakfast in bed, favorite movie marathon, Facebook free weekend, slave for a day, free pass on a blow job, etc. You get the picture? If you’re short for time you can even find some directly on the internet and print them out. If you do this then make sure you personalize them in one way or another with her favorite chocolate or any other trinket she likes and of course put the FREE SEX coupon at the top of the list, it is sure to give her some dirty ideas.


Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid
This will definitely take a little searching but the result will be extraordinary. Find the best pictures of your woman. Also find your best couple pictures. Vacations, trips, kissing and any picture where you look like the two love birds you are.
Once you’ve compiled all these awesome pictures, either you head on over to a Wal-Mart or you can simply do it on the internet. You will build your woman a love book. Wal-Mart offers this kind of service where you can insert a USB disk into their computer and build a photo book and print it there directly. If not there are plenty of web sites who offer this service but you will have to prepare this gift in advance and make sure it is delivered before the big day. If it isn’t then your chances of getting laid that night are rather slim.
Once you’ve printed and wrapped the book, write a little message in it with her name, the date, and your signature. Add a poem or a thought or the words to your favorite song; just make it cute and sentimental. You must know by now that sentimental will get you laid.
I hope these few examples helped you get on your way to creating the perfect Valentine’s Day so you can get what you really want out of it, some hot and naughty sex, because that’s what all guys want right?
You can also find your own cool and fun ideas to make her happy and make sure she then in turn makes you happy. I do not know if you have a specific talent, and that is why I would like to reinforce the use of your imagination rule. For example, you’re a musician? Write and play her a song. You’re an artist? Then paint her portrait. Your good with Photoshop, then make your own personalized Valentine’s Day card with your best couples picture and a nice poem you chose or wrote.
Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts that will get you laid

You’re a photographer? Offer her a seductive sensual photo-shoot with hearts and rose petals. You get the picture? Be imaginative, be fun and most of all put your game face on because you will need to seduce your woman and make her feel like she is the one and only and most important thing in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget, a happy woman makes for a really happy man!